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What is the Malta Cash Rebate?

The Malta Cash Rebate is a production incentive in the form of reimbursement for eligible costs incurred in Malta. Both domestic and international qualifying companies can apply, with a maximum rebate percentage of 40%. This incentive is available until 31st December 2028​​.

What are the rebate percentages for the Malta Cash Rebate?

The financial incentive is capped at 40% of eligible expenditure. For qualifying productions involving live action (including VFX/post-production works), the base rebate is 30%, with an additional 10% possible based on Maltese cultural elements​​.

Can companies receive an advance on the cash rebate?

Yes, once production has commenced in Malta, qualifying companies can receive an advance grant equivalent to 10% of the cash rebate, subject to certain conditions and a full audit​​.

What happens if there are significant changes to a project during production?

If there are significant changes to key personnel, schedules, or budget, these must be notified to and agreed upon by the Film Commissioner. Failure to obtain this agreement is considered a breach of the conditions of the certificate​​.

Do non-EU/EEA cast and crew need employment licenses to work in Malta?

Yes, non-EU/EEA cast and crew members need a valid Employment Licence to work in Malta, and the application should be made at least eight weeks before production commencement​​.

What are the consequences of not fulfilling obligations under the Malta Cash Rebate scheme?

The Film Commissioner may withhold 10% of the cash rebate if the qualifying company fails to fulfill any of the outlined obligations​​.

How does the 'Opportunity for All' program support foreign qualifying companies?

Foreign qualifying companies are required to engage a Production Service Company or a VFX/Animation/Post-Production/Virtual Production Company registered under the 'Opportunity for All' program. This ensures that foreign productions can effectively coordinate and utilize local resources and expertise in Malta​​.

What is the duration of a flight to Malta?

Flight Times to Malta from Different Continents 

USA: New York :Approx. 10-12 hours (usually one-stop) 

South America :São Paulo, Brazil: Approx. 14-16 hours (usually one-stop) 

Europe: London, UK: Approx. 3 hours (direct) 

Africa: Cairo, Egypt: Approx. 2-3 hours (direct) 

Asia: Beijing, China: Approx. 13-15 hours (usually one-stop) 

Australia: Sydney, Australia: Approx. 20-24 hours (usually one or two stops) 

What is the currency used in Malta?

Euros (€)

Where can I find information on weather in Malta?
Which entity is responsible with handling permits for set building?

The Planning Authority (PA) is the entity responsible for handling permits for building film sets. 


Structures standing less than one month require a Development Notification Order (DNO) by the PA, whilst if longer than a month, a Building Development Application has to be presented to the PA including designs of the set amongst other specifications.


For more information, visit: http://www.pa.org.mt

What is the minimum eligible spend in Malta for the cash-rebate scheme?

The minimum spend must be 100,000 euro in Malta with an overall budget exceeding 200,000 euro.

Do foreign nationals require a work permit to work in Malta?

Yes. Such work permits are issued to employers wishing to engage foreigners for a determined period and for a specific purpose, only after it has been ascertained that every effort has been made to engage a suitable Maltese citizen. Film Service Providers / Production Coordinators of local or foreign film companies seeking to employ foreigners on film projects in Malta are to apply for work permits for their employees at the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs. For more information, visit: www.mhas.gov.mt.

Can I import firearms to Malta on a temporary basis?

Yes. Firearms (practical and non-practical) and blank ammunition require a Police permit to be imported temporarily for film use. An application with the Police must be filed well in advance of the planned importation date. This may be done either directly by contacting the Police Weapons Office [email protected] or on 2294 2110, in which case the goods would be stored by the Police, or through licensed local Armorers who would be responsible for their storage for the duration of the filming. The Malta Film Commission can offer a list of Armorers to Production Companies seeking to use licensed locals.

Which are the public holidays in Malta?

The list of public holidays in Malta can be found on: https://www.gov.mt/en/About%20Malta/Pages/Public%20Holidays.aspx


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