Mediterrane Film Festival Launches to Unite Mediterranean Film
09 May 2023

VALLETTA, Malta – 03 May, 2023 – The Mediterrane Film Festival, an event showcasing the creative and artistic talents of the Mediterranean region in film, is set to take place between June 25th and June 30th, 2023.
Held in Valletta and various other locations across Malta, the festival aims to strengthen Malta’s position in the global film market and attract more film projects to the islands.

The launch of Mediterrane, held on Wednesday, 3rd May at the Mediterreanan Conference Centre, brought together ambassadors and representatives from the Med 9 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Croatia, and Malta).

Hosted by Anthea Zammit, the press event featured a number of speakers, including Johann Grech, Malta Film Commissioner; Fabrizio Romano, Italian Ambassador to Malta; and Clayton Bartolo, Tourism Minister of Malta. They highlighted the festival’s objectives, the importance of collaboration and unity in the Mediterranean, and the growth of the film industry in Malta.

The Malta Film Commission has introduced the Sure Start initiative and pledged a €500,000 investment for film education and training, emphasizing the importance of nurturing young talent and fostering a passion for filmmaking in future generations. This includes the launch of ‘It’s Time for Movies’ the first-ever film summer camp for children aged 10 to 11, a pilot project in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and the Foundation for Educational Services.

The Mediterrane Film Festival serves as a unique opportunity to bring together different Mediterranean countries in a celebration of the finest the region has to offer. The event, which will be held in Valletta and various other locations throughout Malta, is designed to strengthen Malta’s position in the global film market and attract more film projects to the islands.

Another important initiative is MaltaCreate, which will invest €100,000 to support emerging filmmakers by providing them with the resources to produce a short film. This investment underscores the Commission’s commitment to the future of the local film industry.

The Malta Film Commission has also pledged to create more job opportunities in the film sector, opening doors for Maltese talent and professionals to excel in this thriving industry through upskilling programmes.

Lastly, the Commission will focus on facilitating investment in the film industry, from creating a helpdesk at the Malta Film Commission to help local film businesses apply for various local and European funds, to working with the banking sector to offer more attractive solutions for business financing.

In addition to these initiatives, the Maltese government has demonstrated unwavering support for infrastructural investments in the Malta Film Studios. New facilities have been constructed to cater to the demands of modern film production, and plans are well underway for the establishment of the country’s first sound stages.

Attendees for Mediterrane will include international filmmakers, studio executives, producers, and directors, as well as representatives from Mediterranean Film Commissions, the British Film Commission, and Hollywood Studios.

Johann Grech, Malta Film Commissioner, expressed his excitement about the festival, stating, “The size of our country never deterred us from dreaming big. The Mediterrane Film Festival will bring together the nine unique Mediterranean nations to celebrate – the power of togetherness; the power of creativity; the power of opportunity. Because alone we are small, but together we are better.”

Fabrizio Romano, the Italian Ambassador to Malta, stated, ” The Mediterrane Film Festival serves as a tribute to the value of cooperation, the power of unity, and the importance of the Mediterranean region working together on the art of film.”

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo emphasized the importance of collaboration “It is in this spirit of togetherness that we look forward to building a bright future for the Maltese film industry, hand in hand with our Mediterranean partners.” –

The Mediterrane Film Festival will feature an array of films, panel discussions, masterclasses, and networking opportunities, highlighting the potential for growth and cooperation within the Mediterranean film industry. The festival will serve as a platform to foster collaboration, empower creative expression, and create opportunities for future generations in the region’s film industry.

With the upcoming Mediterrane Film Festival, Malta and its Mediterranean partners look forward to strengthening their ties to the international cinema industry and continuing to celebrate the beauty of film, collaboration, and togetherness.




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